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Amyl & The Sniffers Live @ The Curtin, Melbourne

I dunno how I ended up in the front row of this one but boy did it prove to be an absolute war zone once Amyl and her sniffers hit the stage!

But I digress a little.

My partner and I who are both fans of the band decided to go to tonight’s gig. Purely as punters and a rare night out together. We bought a pair of tickets yesterday and were very excited to go and see the band.

As we were leaving I said to Sam, “Should I take my camera along?”

Knowing full well I am lost without it. Especially at a gig! So, I decided to take the camera with me.

The Curtin was packed to the rafters and Sam said to me, “You know we are going to get pummelled once the band starts…”

I looked around me and said, “Nah, they look like a pretty mellow bunch…”

How wrong I was. Within seconds we were being flung from left to right. I’m trying to shield Sam, trying to maintain some sort of balance whilst holding my camera and firing off a shot or two. It was MAYHEM! How I got ANY shots is beyond me.

We only lasted a few songs at the front and then just made our way back and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Some pics below… apart from 1 or 2, don’t hold your breath…

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