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Destruction Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

What an incredibly fun night this was!

It’s always the case, the more extreme the music, the more fun in the crowd and photo-pit.

Tonight was no exception but regrettably I didn’t get to the venue on time to properly photograph local lads In Malice’s Wake. Battling Anzac Day eve footy traffic, I only caught the tail end of the boy’s set. The crowd was already rowdy by this point so I knew then and there this was gonna be a good one tonight!

Next on the bill were Persecution. I hadn’t seen these guys before but they sure as hell put in an impressive set. They kind of reminded me of early days Exodus with a ferocious old-school Thrash Metal style that was right up my musical taste alley. Heck, I enjoyed them a lot and hopeful I get to see them again sometime soon!


By the time Destruction took to the stage, the joint was on freaking fire and ready for some classic Euro Thrash Metal from one of the genre’s finest.

Destruction were huge with a bass sound that I can still feel rattle my bones deep inside. Phew! I bet some people’s teeth fillings were shaken loose after that.

In Malice’s Wake




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