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Record Store Day 2018

Well what a fantastic day this years Record Store Day turned out to be! From catching up with friends from school to wrapping it all up with a classic Amyl & The Sniffers performance at Greville Records.

For someone who has a love affair with records since I was ten years old, and someone who frequents record stores 3-4 times per week… it’s kinda Record Store Day everyday! But I still get excited when this date appears on the calendar. It is a celebration of music and all that goes with it and it is a chance for many, many people to visit their local record store and support the buying and enjoyment of music in all its forms!

First point of call was to visit my old friend Peter who is one of the owners of Vicious Sloth. I have know Peter since we were kids and Vicious Sloth is one of the most amazing record stores one could possibly visit! It is the first point of call of many, many stars of the calibre of Henry Rollins and Dave Grohl who frequent the store on many occasions!

I knew this store would be the only chance I would have in getting the 2018 Record Store Day exclusive Led Zeppelin 7″. Pete, is a connoisseur of all things Zeppelin and again he told me stories of his many meetings with Jimmy Page over the years. I never tire of hearing them and Pete has a knack of telling a yarn or two! His Zeppelin collection has to be seen to be believed!

Next stop was Quality Records in Malvern. Having spent the first 20 years of my life in this area, I know the heritage of most of the stores in the vicinity. Where Quality Records now stands there used to be a record store called Pet Sounds. Pet Sounds was the store I bought my first every record… a KISS 7″ of ‘Shout It Out Loud’. So it holds many, many memories for me.

I snapped up a copy of AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ on cassette of all things. This was another 2018 Record Store Day exclusive.

After the Malvern pit-stop, we headed into Liquorice Pie records. As the store is soooo tiny, it is hard to manoeuvre around at the best of times. Today was decidedly harder! I did find a mint first pressing of Metallica’s Garage Days EP so I quickly snapped that baby up! Ironically enough Metallica have just re-released that but I was more than delighted to grab an original.

Capping off the day, we set sail for Greville Records. It was sheer chaos here with some fantastic musical performances out on the street and the scheduled Amyl & The Sniffers gig in-store at 6PM.

Third time seeing Amyl and the boys and again even in such a confined and sonically limited space, it proved to be a ton of fun. You can view some pictures of their performance below!

All up, truly a fantastic day with fun, music and vinyl to please one and all!

Can’t wait for next year!

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