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Cradle Of Filth Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

It’s been a bit of a busy period in the photo pits of Melbourne of late and it is only going to get busier in the next few weeks. Some great shows and shoots to come.

Tonight it was time to get re-aquainted with Cradle Of Filth again. Last time I had photographed them was exactly five years plus one day at this very same venue! I don’t remember too much about that night but I do recall I wasn’t too pleased with the resultant photos.

Hopefully tonight I could do better.

The photo pit was incredibly overcrowded and with a raucous crowd in attendance, it proved to be a tough night. I copped a flying bottle to the side of the head. This is the first time this has ever happened to me but luckily enough it just grazed me and didn’t cause any major damage. (Seriously, who would do something like that?) Had I seen the culprit, he be wearing the full force of my camera in his face!)

Hybrid Nightmares opened proceedings. Second time I had seen and photographed them in a week. Whole new lineup for the boys now so it was good to capture a historic moment in their careers.

The crowd was rabid by the time Cradle took the stage. The lighting was pretty difficult tonight. Copious amount of red or blue with minimal accents to light the faces of the band so to speak. Nothing I could do about it so instead of complaining, you just set out to capture the best you can.

The band sounded and looked fantastic as they romped through a various assortment of hits from their now vast catalogue.

Hybrid Nightmares

Cradle Of Filth

Shot For HEAVY Magazine

Cradle Of Filth Poster

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