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Pain Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Now didn’t this turn out to be an amazing night! Very rarely does one attend a gig where all acts, local and international totally and utterly deliver the goods!

Tonight was one of those nights!

Goth openers Death Of Art were a band I had never seen – or heard of for that matter, but I don’t frequent that many Goth inspired gigs. I had no idea what to expect. The band started off as a two piece – guitars and drums which seemed a little ho-hum, but when the lead singer took the stage, things took on an unexpected turn for the better. The band sounded fantastic and with a charismatic front-woman who could quite possibly be the best female vocalist I have seen in a long while, I was really enjoying the band’s set. Mental note was made, must see these guys again.

Witchgrinder are no strangers to me or this blog. I have seen them and photographed them many, many times but I had not seen the latest incarnation of the band. So yeah, I was really looking forward to the band’s set tonight. They did not disappoint. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they absolutely stole the show. They looked amazing and sounded incredible. Industrial Metal blasting as loud as can be through the Max Watts system. I felt the band have really taken things to a whole new level and this is easily the best line-up of the band I have seen. Hell yeah, colour me impressed.

And as if the local talent wasn’t enough, Pain kicked into gear and took it up another notch all together. First time on these shores, the band handled themselves nicely and put forth an energetic and frenetic set.

Great night! With thanks to my friends at Overdrive for the AAA and the love tonight!

Death Of Art




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