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Steel Panther Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Third time shooting Steel Panther… third time’s the charm and all that jazz!

You know, as a photographer, the hardest part about photographing these guys is when it comes time to cull your shoot and limit it to only a handful of photos for the respective galleries and publications you are photographing for!

It’s almost impossible with these guys! Their shows are always so incredibly lit and the four guys in the band are total hams and work the cameras so freaking well. Shit, if you can’t come away from a Steel Panther show with a decent photo (or two) may I suggest you give it all away! They are fun! And they are easy and accomodating to photograph!

There is so much colour with Steel Panther! Colour, smiles and fun! Fun from the band onstage that just envelopes the entire room these guys play at.

Tonight was night 2 here at the Forum and a completely sold out show. The venue was packed to the rafters without a square inch to move!

The band played two sets tonight and surprisingly we were allowed to photograph both! That is a lot of time in the photo-pit! During set one, the first three songs nearly last 30 minutes. That’s twice the time we usually get for a shoot. During the second set, the band resorted to its roots and played a bunch of classic Metal standards as a cover band. And boy did they do that well!

To my fellow photographer friends, seriously, if you have not photographed these guys before, what are you waiting for? They are a photographer’s dream and I would go so far as saying that so far, this has been the best gig of the year!

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