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The Iron Maidens Live @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Let’s get this straight, the Corner Hotel isn’t one of my favourite places to shoot a show and it certainly has been a few years since I last worked here. But… when I heard that the all-girl tribute to Iron Maiden was heading to our shores, I didn’t care where they’d be playing, I just had to shoot this show! Corner Hotel and all!

The show was a complete sell-out which shows the drawing power of the Iron Maidens and the real-deal Iron Maiden themselves! It pretty much looked like an Iron Maiden fan convention when having drinks at the bar before the show. And that’s a good thing, trust me!

I had to cover the opening bands as well but due to the poor lighting, I haven’t bothered posting those photos. Nothing to see at all folks!

The Iron Maidens took to the stage like demons possessed! They looked amazing and sounded so damn fine pulling off Maiden classics one after the other to a rapturous crowd singing along to every single lyric.

I don’t think I have ever photographed what is in essence a cover band, but there was something special about last night’s Iron Maidens gig at the Corner Hotel. Sure there’s a gimmick at play here but at the same time, that is selling short the incredible musicianship at play here. Iron Maiden isn’t exactly standard Rock music. The Iron Maidens not only brought that to the table, but a sold out Corner Hotel – full to the brim and full of smiles, camaraderie, a love for Iron Maiden and all-round classic Heavy Metal played to absolute perfection by a group of talented musicians. I went in with some doubt and a ton of cynicism – I left having witnessed one of the most fun and enjoyable gigs I have seen and photographed in a while.

The Iron Maidens


The Iron Maidens Poster

Dedicated to the memory of Melbourne Rock photographer Ros O’Gorman – RIP

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