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15 Feb 2009

Cult Of Luna Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve only ever had a passing interest in the music of Cult Of Luna. Never a fan and about the only time I ever really listened to them is when my colleague at work would play them on heavy rotation. I couldn’t get into their Prog Metal/Doom/Sludge histrionics but let me say this, coming home from the gig tonight – I’m converted… This was a truly magical performance of epic proportions. For a band to play such complex moody soundscapes […]

11 Jul 2008

A Stroll Through Larundel Mental Asylum

These photos of the Larundel Mental Asylum taken back in 2009. It was much easier to get into then. On this particular day, my girlfriend and I literally – just walked in. (Well, climbed through a small hole in the fence wall, but yeah, just walked on in! I have tried to go back several times but it is now heavily secured and patrolled. Anyway, take a walk with me through the haunted, evil hallways of the infamous Larundel Mental […]

18 Nov 2006

The G20 Protest

Protest And Survive In late 2006, I had bought myself my first DSLR camera – a newly released Canon 400D and the kit 18-55mm lens! A humble beginning but after three to four years of shooting with my point-n-shoot, it was a considerable upgrade. I loved the Canon. Took it everywhere! A week into its ownership, I decided to go and photograph the forecasted G20 protest that was to take place on the streets of Melbourne. It was my chance […]