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22 Sep 2017

Dream Theater Live @ The Palais, Melbourne

Images And Words Back in the mid 90’s I had a 6 month job as a medical courier. Day after day I would drive 400kms. It was an exhausting job but with a box full of tapes the everyday journey was made that little bit easier. Dream Theater’s ‘Images And Words’ album was a companion. A constant companion. I played that sucker so much. I knew it intimately! I knew it backwards. Each and every complex Portnoy drumbeat was played […]

17 Sep 2017

Accept Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Restless And Wild Following on from their very successful jaunt of Australia a few years ago, Accept returned to our shore for a one-off night in the nations home of Metal… Melbourne. There was a buzz in the air about this gig for a long time and also complaints from other states that the tour was not getting to them. I am not privy to the logistics of why this was such a compressed tour and I think for all […]

12 Sep 2017

AFI Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Feed From The Floor! I had the opportunity to first shoot AFI at the Melbourne Soundwave Festival of 2014. But as always, seeing a band in a festival setting as opposed to a more intimate theatre can be quite contrasting. And what an intimate theatre Melbourne’s Forum has become. Quite possibly this is now Melbourne’s finest music venue which always has a fantastic atmosphere, sound and lighting! I haven’t shot here since the recent renovations in the place and I […]

11 Sep 2017

Kreator Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Satan Is Real! This show was sold out long ago and you know that fully when you arrive just as the opener is beginning their set into what looked and felt like a full house already. Local lads Direblaze tore it up to tremendous reception not usually afforded to the local opener, but they held their own and did a tremendous job. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph their set as one of the bouncers refused me entry into the […]

07 Sep 2017

Slipknot: Day Of The Gusano

It is amazing how far Slipknot have come in a relatively short space of time. Much maligned by elitist purists but their rise (and rise) has made them one of the biggest bands on the planet probably only second (or maybe third) to Metallica and Iron Maiden. They are a huge drawcard across nearly every country on the planet and even when they dare to hit uncharted territories such as Mexico in this documentary, they sell out their shows across […]

25 Aug 2017

Stone Sour Live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne

Friday Knights! You know I just realised, this would be the first time I would be shooting Corey Taylor sans his usual Slipknot mask and paraphernalia! A new experience if you will and certainly my first time shooting Stone Sour. From the outset, I kinda find Stone Sour to be a Metal-By-Numbers sorta band. But having said that, they do it so freaking well that they’ve managed to garner quite a following amongst the Metal set. Kudos to Taylor who […]

10 Aug 2017

Joel-Peter Witkin

There aren’t too many photographers who I would deem a major influence. I draw most of my inspiration not from peers of music and /or street photography, but of visceral artists who preach, incite and illicit all that is carnal within the human (and not so human) psyche. H.R. Giger has been one such artist whose works I have studied and digested since I was gifted one of his books for my 18th birthday. It changed my life. It literally […]

07 Aug 2017

Ill Niño Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

I don’t think I have ever had this long a break between shooting gigs. The last time I was in a photo-pit I was shooting Killswitch Engage back in March. Throw a three month European vacation in the mix, and the time between gig drinks was now plentiful. No wonder I was beginning to miss it. Still, the break was good but the calendar for the rest of this year is already filling up nicely with some great shows to […]

22 Jul 2017

Welcome To My Nightmare

There’s the old adage about not bothering to tinker with something that is all well and good. You know it well… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Yet even if the previous site wasn’t broken, it just started to appear a little long in the tooth for mine and there were certain aspects of it, and how it functioned that I was just not 100% happy with. Also, the backend and image directories where an utter disaster. I needed […]

22 Jul 2017

Rone The Omega Project

For me, it is always a thrill photographing any of Rone’s works. He is a true ethereal artist with the ability to transform the abandoned and the unwanted into definitive pieces of art. He creates life where there was once nothingness. Cold becomes warm. Unwanted becomes coveted. Garbage becomes art. The Omega Project adorns a soon to be demolished house into a museum of art, perception and unbridled mystery and ethos. Arriving at the designated location there was already a […]

08 Jul 2017

The Resistible Rise Of A Bear Of Little Brain

Stephen Ives is an architect of fantastic worlds My partner and I have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing several of Stephen Ives’ art shows over the years. Several are documented throughout this website. Let’s just say we are big fans and if there is ever an Ives’ show in Melbourne, we are there. Tonight was absolutely no exception. An explanation of the show is best personified by the write-up below by Alexander Mitchell… Stephen Ives, employs a rare level […]

01 Jul 2017
Store Black Sabbath

My Photo Of Black Sabbath Enters The Smithsonian

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath I received some incredible news this afternoon. The Smithsonian (yeah, them!) has requested one of my photos to be put into the Rock And Roll Archives as well as a forthcoming book to be released in October 2017. The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities. Approximately 30 million people from around the world visited the Smithsonian in 2009. My […]

03 Jun 2017
Somewhere In Germany

Solitary Wanderlust – The Last Days

It is hard to fathom that two months have gone by and one of the most exciting and adventurous times of my life has come to a close. Initially, I approached this trip with fear. A silly gripping fear that sent my anxiety levels through the roof. A silly fear of the unknown that made me surrender myself to my insecurities and phobias. Goddamn it! Not again. It didn’t take too long to overcome them and allow myself permission to […]

31 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Argos, Greece – Roots Bloody Roots

With this trip coming to a close now, there are only 5 days left before dad and I head back to Australia, I am beginning to reflect on how much change and growth has taken place within me. It is fitting that the last and final leg of my journey finds me in the very village that my dad (and his dad, and his dad before him) were all born and raised. Although I have spent my entire life in […]

24 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest & The House Of Terror

I am now down to the last two weeks of what has been a two month vacation. Although it has been a long time since I was home, over the past week, it all feels as if it is flying past now. Which is a good and a bad thing. For one, travelling alone has been rather lonely at times. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the solitariness of it all at times but at the same time a trip […]

22 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest

Arriving in Budapest late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t have too much time to go out and do some exploring. Apart from stock up on some necessary supplies and have a nice hot shower, I took it easy and just settled in to a stunningly gorgeous apartment in the heart of the city. Today tho, things were a little different. I woke up early, got ready and headed out straight away. The forecast was for rain but fortunately, not a drop […]

17 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Magical Prague

On today’s agenda, I wanted to explore Charles Bridge and as much as I could cram into the day, the other side of the river. A short tram ride from my apartment dropped me off just near the Charles Bridge vicinity. It was a stunning day outside and the crowds were plentiful. Prague is such a tourist town. More so than I have seen in both Berlin and Athens so far. And that’s saying something. It proved to be ultra […]

16 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Kutna Hora – Sedlec Ossuary

The legend of the Bone Chapel out in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic is something I had heard about for years. But if someone told you there is a little church that is largely constructed and houses thousands and thousands of human skulls and skeletons… well, you’d imagine that something like that would a church for Satan and not a Christian one. But it is there. It does exist. A couple of hours outside of central Prague you will find Kutna […]

15 May 2017

Apple Museum Prague

Think Different! Whilst on a stroll through the absolutely magical streets of Prague, I stumbled quite by accident on the Apple Museum. I had no idea this place existed and being a self-confessed Fanboy of all things Apple, I just had to have a wander through what proved to be an amazing exhibition. With over 450 exhibits in nearly 800 square meters of space, the museum is as comprehensive as it is spectacular. There are not many places in the […]

13 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Prague Day One

With my first full day in Prague before me, it was time to hit the pavement and see what was out there. On the loose agenda for today was to head out to Prague Castle and as it was only about 5km away from my apartment, I decided to head there by foot. That way I could explore and get a feel for this city from the ground up. It proved to be an incredible scenic and breathtaking walk as […]