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12 May 2017
Somewhere In Germany

Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin To Prague

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Prague With Berlin over and done (for now!) the next leg of the trip is Prague. Just a mere mention of the name to friends who have been here and their eyes automatically light up. Originally, I was scheduled to fly in via a convoluted way – Berlin to Brussels, Brussels to Prague but due to some last minute problems with that flight, I was scheduled to come via train. That did not bother me one iota […]

10 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin – Hitler’s Germany Walking Tour

I am so bitterly disappointed that this is my final night in Berlin. I wasted far too much of my holiday in Athens and should have taken one of those weeks to use up in Berlin. You live and you learn but rest assured, this is a city I could easily call home, if I was that way inclined and already I am making plans to return. Maybe even at the tail end of this holiday when I still have […]

10 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Madame Tussauds Berlin

Visiting Madame Tussauds wasn’t on the agenda. But walking past it on my way back to my apartment after a long day sight-seeing, I thought I would check it out. I can’t remember the last time I have visited one of these things, so today was to be it. Some snaps…

09 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Ramones Museum

Hey Ho, Let’s Go! The Ramones Museum was one of the first destinations I wanted to check out whilst I was in Berlin. And sure enough, I got to visit it on my first day in the city. After doing the old Google Maps shuffle and plotting how to get there, I managed to find the place after a train ride and a short walk. With a very cheap 3 Euro entry fee, 5 if you wanted a beer too, […]

09 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Finally, Berlin

With my first full day in Berlin under my belt, I am sitting at my apartment window watching the (German) world go by. How can one fall in love with a city only after 24 hours? Yet I somehow feel connected with this place. This place called Berlin. For one, she is utterly beautiful and feels like a hive of creativity is brimming at every surface available. I felt safe here the minute I stepped foot on Berlin ground. I […]

19 Apr 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Athens, Greece

This Is The Beginning… Throughout April, May and some of June, I will be travelling through Europe. My camera and I trying to capture as much as I possibly can. At this stage of proceedings I will be in Athens, Berlin, Prague and Budapest before returning back to Greece for my final two weeks to spend with my father before we return home. I have created a Tumblr blog which will document more. If you would like to check it […]

04 Apr 2017

The Photographer’s Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare I dreamt I was scheduled to photograph Alice Cooper. Granted, he’s jumped the shark (over and over) over the last couple of decades, he is still an artist I would like to include in my portfolio. Unfortunately the planet’s haven’t aligned for myself and Mr Vincent Damon Furnier and the opportunity to be in his pit has not been forthcoming. Unless it is in dream. The dream was the last one I dreamt last night and […]

27 Mar 2017

Nychos Bombards Australia

Exciting Street Art Hits Melbourne Street artist Nychos is one of the most exciting and talented artists in his field. Specialising in huge murals of bisected creatures (great and small), his vision allows you to take a look inside each creature with their anatomical structure popping out for al the world to see! Incredibly detailed works portray the skeletal and vein structures of a wide variety of creatures he has painted across the world. I was very fortunate to capture […]

08 Mar 2017

A Day With Killswitch Engage

The Hell In Me The last time I photographed Killswitch Engage that ended up being the last time I shot at my favourite venue, The Palace. I had also photographed lead singer Jesse Leach’s fist spoken word tour of Australia at Eureka Rebellion Trading and so when it came to Killswitch touring Australia again, I hadn’t as yet secured a photopass for the show. Jesse Leach is a prolific social media user so he put out the word on his […]

07 Feb 2017

Opeth Live @ The Sydney Opera House, Sydney

The Devil’s Orchard It seems like an eternity ago that this gig was announced. In fact, it was. It immediately perked my interest as it was Opeth and it was being promoted and handled by a promoter who I have a fantastic relationship with. In celebration of the band’s release of the brilliant ‘Sorceress’ album, the band planned some very special shows across the world to showcase and support the album. Venues such as New York’s Radio City Music Hall, […]

30 Jan 2017

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Push The Sky Away A beautiful Melbourne summer’s night was permeated with a veritable sea of flying bats overhead. Off to hunt for food overnight whilst the stage lights of Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl were waking from their slumber. Literally, from out of the shadows, Nick Cave walks to the front of the stage to rapturous applause and cheer from the sold out crowd. The bats dispersed away into the summer night, the music and an evening of musical […]

23 Jan 2017

Airbourne, The Ugly Kings Live @ The Trak, Melbourne

Denim And Leather It’s rare that local boys Airbourne are in town. They’ve been busy claiming the world’s festival stages and making them all their own. But when they do happen to be back home on our shores, one knows full well what sort of bombastic night of Hard Rock N Roll one is in store for. Tonight was the final night of the band’s Australian assault. They have been trekking around Australia with Melbourne band The Ugly Kings as […]

20 Jan 2017

Every Time I Die Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

A few wild and crazy nights come into mind whilst in this Rock N Roll photography caper. There was the Dillinger Escape Plan back in 2010, there was Toxic Holocaust back in 2012… and then there was this one… 170 Russell was pummelled to hell and back and turned into absolute mush! With a photo-pit wildly overcrowded by photographers and bouncers it certainly was an incredible ordeal finding any place to move to get your shot. The bodies were flying […]

06 Jan 2017

Fight Fire With Fire

Light ‘Em Up! One of my more popular portrait photos I have done also happened to be the very first time I had ever even attempted to photograph portraits. To say I was nervous is an understatement, but when we decided that fire was to be involved as well… things got just a little bit hotter in the kitchen let’s say! Danger aside, everybody involved was keen to do this and having said that, the resultant photograph seems to be […]

31 Dec 2016

The Best Of 2016 – Music Photography

Pick Of The Bunch 2016 was not as a prolific a year as past ones when it came to live music photography. To be perfectly honest, I found it pretty hard finalising a top 10 selection. Having said that, I did manage to photograph close to bands and travelled to Perth, Western Australia to photograph Iron Maiden. That one was a bucket-list moment for yours truly and a very, very special weekend. I found collating this year’s top 10 to […]

29 Dec 2016

Remembering & Celebrating Lemmy At The Bendigo Hotel

The King Of Rock N Roll With the city of Melbourne sweltering in a heat wave from hell, the absolute last place one would want to be was within the confines of a hot, sweaty and sweltering pub in the very urban Collingwood. But with a night dedicated to the memory of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away exactly a year ago… being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable in a Rock club seems kinda app! Before we get to the […]

13 Dec 2016

The Best Of 2016 – Street

The Best Of 2016 – Street I didn’t shoot nearly enough street this year as I would have liked to. I have been photographing Melbourne’s streets for close to 13 years and even if there is an air of familiarity about it all, there is still so much more that can be learnt and refined in the craft of street photography. I want to learn to get closer to my subjects in the years ahead and not be so voyeuristic […]

02 Dec 2016

Top 10 Albums of 2016

10: Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason Goddamn I was hanging out for this one. Hanging! In the end, I felt a little disappointed and this one, barely cracked my top 10. Don’t get me wrong, I dig it. I dig it a lot, but nowhere near the love I had for the previous opus Koloss. It’s unmistakably a Meshuggah record, no one sounds like this, but song structure and hooks get lost in the plethora of bludgeoning that […]

25 Nov 2016

Mason Promo Shoot At Montsalvat

Tears Of Tragedy Melbourne Thrash Metal band Mason approached me again to help them with their new promo/portrait photos for their forthcoming 2016 release album. I last worked with the band last year with our photoshoot at the Old Geelong Gaol. That particular session can be seen here. I was absolutely delighted to be working with the boys again as they are very easy to deal with and photographically look great! The initial brief was to do the shoot in […]

24 Nov 2016

Monster Children Photo Competition Shortlist 2016

I am delighted to announce that for the third year in a row I have been shortlisted in the annual Monster Children Photo Competition in the Music Category. You can see my shortlisted photo here and all the other photos I will be up against. I made it to the finalist stage in 2014 with two photos (Amon Amarth and Gojira). The winners of the competition will be announced next week in Sydney and Los Angeles respectively. Sydney: What: 2016 […]