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22 Apr 2018

Untold Melbourne

This ambitious initiative has been launched by the Caydon Property Group and is inspired by the concept of transformation, realised potential and extraordinary creativity. Themes that not only underpin the work done by The Reach Foundation with young people across Australia, but also celebrate the unique heritage, fabric and legacy of one of Melbourne’s most dynamic locations – The Malt District. Over 9 days, 25 artists will create a series of unique installations that will transform the space – currently […]

10 Aug 2017

Joel-Peter Witkin

There aren’t too many photographers who I would deem a major influence. I draw most of my inspiration not from peers of music and /or street photography, but of visceral artists who preach, incite and illicit all that is carnal within the human (and not so human) psyche. H.R. Giger has been one such artist whose works I have studied and digested since I was gifted one of his books for my 18th birthday. It changed my life. It literally […]

22 Jul 2017

Rone The Omega Project

For me, it is always a thrill photographing any of Rone’s works. He is a true ethereal artist with the ability to transform the abandoned and the unwanted into definitive pieces of art. He creates life where there was once nothingness. Cold becomes warm. Unwanted becomes coveted. Garbage becomes art. The Omega Project adorns a soon to be demolished house into a museum of art, perception and unbridled mystery and ethos. Arriving at the designated location there was already a […]

08 Jul 2017

The Resistible Rise Of A Bear Of Little Brain

Stephen Ives is an architect of fantastic worlds My partner and I have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing several of Stephen Ives’ art shows over the years. Several are documented throughout this website. Let’s just say we are big fans and if there is ever an Ives’ show in Melbourne, we are there. Tonight was absolutely no exception. An explanation of the show is best personified by the write-up below by Alexander Mitchell… Stephen Ives, employs a rare level […]

15 May 2017

Apple Museum Prague

Think Different! Whilst on a stroll through the absolutely magical streets of Prague, I stumbled quite by accident on the Apple Museum. I had no idea this place existed and being a self-confessed Fanboy of all things Apple, I just had to have a wander through what proved to be an amazing exhibition. With over 450 exhibits in nearly 800 square meters of space, the museum is as comprehensive as it is spectacular. There are not many places in the […]

10 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Madame Tussauds Berlin

Visiting Madame Tussauds wasn’t on the agenda. But walking past it on my way back to my apartment after a long day sight-seeing, I thought I would check it out. I can’t remember the last time I have visited one of these things, so today was to be it. Some snaps…

15 Oct 2016

Rone – Empty

Walking into the abandoned (and soon to be demolished) Star Lyric Theatre this afternoon, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Not only was I blown away by this gorgeous old abandoned silent-movie theatre but the overwhelmingly brilliant work of Melbourne artist Rone. Rone has the uncanny knack of always leaving me perplexed and astounded at the scope and realism of his amazing portraits which have adorned walls the world over. I had no idea that this derelict building even […]

06 Jul 2016

The So-Cal Hoedown

This one came out of the blue but I can assure you, I was more than honoured to be a part of the 2016 So-Cal Hoedown in Santa Ana, California. I will be exhibiting some of my live music photography at the event sharing space with such luminaries as Justice Howard, Joe Coleman, Anthony Ausgang, Sailor Jerry, Freddy Negrette, Dirk Vermin, Missy Munster, Michael Kortez, Stanislav, Jeremy Gullotto, Jack Rudy, Skwerll, Alberto Vargas, Todd Robey! More info here. It promises […]

03 Apr 2016

Emma McEvoy’s Sand Castles

My interest was certainly piqued when casually watching the news the other night. An abandoned, derelict house in Fitzroy, filled with tonnes of sand housing an amazing photo exhibition by the incredibly Emma McEvoy. I am so there! The house in Hertford Street, Fitzroy was filled with over 9 tonnes of sand pretty much bringing a slice of the Namibian ghost town of Kolmanskop into the inner suburbs of Melbourne. The inspiration for the installation is located in the Namibian […]

14 Dec 2015

Star Wars Experience

Use The Force With the Star Wars insanity that is about to envelope us all, I thought I would revisit this collection of photos from the Star Wars Experience in Melbourne in 2009. Most of these photos have never been published or seen the light of day. Several were published in a magazine I was blogging for at the time. I thought I would present them here as we’re all clamouring for a bit of Star Wars magic come the […]