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Category : Graffiti

22 Apr 2018

Untold Melbourne

This ambitious initiative has been launched by the Caydon Property Group and is inspired by the concept of transformation, realised potential and extraordinary creativity. Themes that not only underpin the work done by The Reach Foundation with young people across Australia, but also celebrate the unique heritage, fabric and legacy of one of Melbourne’s most dynamic locations – The Malt District. Over 9 days, 25 artists will create a series of unique installations that will transform the space – currently […]

27 Mar 2017

Nychos Bombards Australia

Exciting Street Art Hits Melbourne Street artist Nychos is one of the most exciting and talented artists in his field. Specialising in huge murals of bisected creatures (great and small), his vision allows you to take a look inside each creature with their anatomical structure popping out for al the world to see! Incredibly detailed works portray the skeletal and vein structures of a wide variety of creatures he has painted across the world. I was very fortunate to capture […]

15 Oct 2016

Rone – Empty

Walking into the abandoned (and soon to be demolished) Star Lyric Theatre this afternoon, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Not only was I blown away by this gorgeous old abandoned silent-movie theatre but the overwhelmingly brilliant work of Melbourne artist Rone. Rone has the uncanny knack of always leaving me perplexed and astounded at the scope and realism of his amazing portraits which have adorned walls the world over. I had no idea that this derelict building even […]

01 Oct 2015

Makatron’s Karma-Sutra Burger Faces Censorship

Sex Burger By the time you’re reading this, chances are street artist Makatron’s ‘Karma-Sutra Burger’ will have already been covered up by the Moreland City council in Brunswick. Makatron completed the ‘controversial’ piece yesterday and within 24 hours, local residents have complained enough that the piece is now getting unwarranted attention. Typical outlets such as the Herald-Sun and 3AW were awash with complaints. Reason enough for me to go and grab some snaps of it before it all gets taken […]

12 Sep 2015

Everfresh Open Studio 2015

Last year’s Everfresh Open Studio was a success for both the Everfresh crew and yours truly. Many of last year’s photos were used throughout some of the studio’s mailing list collateral throughout the year and I was both honoured and chuffed that the lads enjoyed my work. Over 1,500 people visited the studio last year which was reason enough Everfresh decided to do the whole thing all over again. I was contacted by one of the promoters of the event […]