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03 Jun 2017
Somewhere In Germany

Solitary Wanderlust – The Last Days

It is hard to fathom that two months have gone by and one of the most exciting and adventurous times of my life has come to a close. Initially, I approached this trip with fear. A silly gripping fear that sent my anxiety levels through the roof. A silly fear of the unknown that made me surrender myself to my insecurities and phobias. Goddamn it! Not again. It didn’t take too long to overcome them and allow myself permission to […]

31 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Argos, Greece – Roots Bloody Roots

With this trip coming to a close now, there are only 5 days left before dad and I head back to Australia, I am beginning to reflect on how much change and growth has taken place within me. It is fitting that the last and final leg of my journey finds me in the very village that my dad (and his dad, and his dad before him) were all born and raised. Although I have spent my entire life in […]

24 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest & The House Of Terror

I am now down to the last two weeks of what has been a two month vacation. Although it has been a long time since I was home, over the past week, it all feels as if it is flying past now. Which is a good and a bad thing. For one, travelling alone has been rather lonely at times. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the solitariness of it all at times but at the same time a trip […]

22 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest

Arriving in Budapest late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t have too much time to go out and do some exploring. Apart from stock up on some necessary supplies and have a nice hot shower, I took it easy and just settled in to a stunningly gorgeous apartment in the heart of the city. Today tho, things were a little different. I woke up early, got ready and headed out straight away. The forecast was for rain but fortunately, not a drop […]

17 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Magical Prague

On today’s agenda, I wanted to explore Charles Bridge and as much as I could cram into the day, the other side of the river. A short tram ride from my apartment dropped me off just near the Charles Bridge vicinity. It was a stunning day outside and the crowds were plentiful. Prague is such a tourist town. More so than I have seen in both Berlin and Athens so far. And that’s saying something. It proved to be ultra […]

16 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Kutna Hora – Sedlec Ossuary

The legend of the Bone Chapel out in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic is something I had heard about for years. But if someone told you there is a little church that is largely constructed and houses thousands and thousands of human skulls and skeletons… well, you’d imagine that something like that would a church for Satan and not a Christian one. But it is there. It does exist. A couple of hours outside of central Prague you will find Kutna […]

13 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Prague Day One

With my first full day in Prague before me, it was time to hit the pavement and see what was out there. On the loose agenda for today was to head out to Prague Castle and as it was only about 5km away from my apartment, I decided to head there by foot. That way I could explore and get a feel for this city from the ground up. It proved to be an incredible scenic and breathtaking walk as […]

12 May 2017
Somewhere In Germany

Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin To Prague

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Prague With Berlin over and done (for now!) the next leg of the trip is Prague. Just a mere mention of the name to friends who have been here and their eyes automatically light up. Originally, I was scheduled to fly in via a convoluted way – Berlin to Brussels, Brussels to Prague but due to some last minute problems with that flight, I was scheduled to come via train. That did not bother me one iota […]

10 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin – Hitler’s Germany Walking Tour

I am so bitterly disappointed that this is my final night in Berlin. I wasted far too much of my holiday in Athens and should have taken one of those weeks to use up in Berlin. You live and you learn but rest assured, this is a city I could easily call home, if I was that way inclined and already I am making plans to return. Maybe even at the tail end of this holiday when I still have […]

10 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Madame Tussauds Berlin

Visiting Madame Tussauds wasn’t on the agenda. But walking past it on my way back to my apartment after a long day sight-seeing, I thought I would check it out. I can’t remember the last time I have visited one of these things, so today was to be it. Some snaps…