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Rone – The Omega Project

The Omega Project is a series of works and installations in a soon-to-be-demolished house. This was an opportunity for Rone to re-create elements of a classic mid-century Australian home in its fragile final moments. The project draws on memories of homes that the artist visited growing up. OPEN FOR INSPECTION SATURDAY July 22 – SUNDAY July 30 12 – 5PM each day. 28 Parkview Rd Alphington.

Oil Stained Brain

Custom bikes at the Kustom Kommune...

The Manchester Unity Building

It is not every day one is allowed to explore the beautiful confines of Melbourne's Manchester Unity building...

Ron Mueck

Using resin, fiberglass, silicone, and many other materials, Mueck constructs hyperrealistic likenesses of human beings, while playing with scale. The detailed sculptures are captivating when viewed up close, as they may be many times larger or smaller than expected.

Everfresh Studios

I was asked by the Everfresh Open Studio sponsors to photograph their inner sanctum for the 2015 Open Studio day. With thanks to Rone, here are the snaps from the day...

Old Geelong Gaol

A tour through the Old Geelong Gaol...

William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts was an Australia potter & sculptor that embraced Aboriginal spirituality which deeply influenced his work. The sculpture park that he initially named Potter’s Sanctuary is now known as William Ricketts Sanctuary. Scattered throughout the park are many of Rickett’s works which sit at one with nature and the natural environment. Many look like they have grown out of the Earth itself.

Key Of Solomon

The Key Of Solomon Podcast crew modelling their new t-shirt range! Down and dirty! And grungy as hell!

Athens In Colour

The ancient ruins of this historical city and the streets of trade and inhabitants.

Sedlec Ossuary

A tour through the Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.