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18 Jun 2018

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Live @ The Tote, Melbourne

Second time seeing Lydia Lunch Retrovirus at the Tote and again I was there as a punter accompanying my partner who is a big fan of Ms Lunch and co. I figured I may as well put the new camera through its paces and it looks like it broke its cherry with Lydia Lunch being the first gig shot on it. The show itself was absolutely fantastic. Lydia’s band is second to none and features a bunch of Punk Rock […]

08 Jul 2017

The Resistible Rise Of A Bear Of Little Brain

Stephen Ives is an architect of fantastic worlds My partner and I have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing several of Stephen Ives’ art shows over the years. Several are documented throughout this website. Let’s just say we are big fans and if there is ever an Ives’ show in Melbourne, we are there. Tonight was absolutely no exception. An explanation of the show is best personified by the write-up below by Alexander Mitchell… Stephen Ives, employs a rare level […]

27 Mar 2017

Nychos Bombards Australia

Exciting Street Art Hits Melbourne Street artist Nychos is one of the most exciting and talented artists in his field. Specialising in huge murals of bisected creatures (great and small), his vision allows you to take a look inside each creature with their anatomical structure popping out for al the world to see! Incredibly detailed works portray the skeletal and vein structures of a wide variety of creatures he has painted across the world. I was very fortunate to capture […]

12 Feb 2015

Dead City Ruins Promo Shoot

Local hard rock heroes Dead City Ruins were on the bill for King Parrot’s return to Melbourne gig a couple of weeks ago. HEAVY magazine, who I shoot extensively for, were wanting a quick and nasty promo shoot with Dead City Ruins so one was organised post-haste. We really did not have a lot of time to plan for this. Barely 24 hours. Seeing as I would only have the band for a limited time too, I decided that it […]