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10 May 2018

If You Have Ghost, You Have Everything

I have been fortunate enough to photograph Ghost twice within a week back in 2014. An incredibly exciting time when yours truly was (and is!) a huge fan of the band since 2010. I missed out shooting the band at Soundwave 2013 as I was ill that week and I do remember the band won over many, many doubters at that gig. They remain my most requested bands I have ever shot as the band has a rabid global fan […]

26 Apr 2013

Otep Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

I’ve now officially shot my last show at the Hifi Bar. I have kicked and screamed and whined and moaned about its awful lighting for nearly every shoot I have done there. Tonight was the final straw… When the act themselves comments about the lighting after the first song, you know something is wrong… Otep pleaded with the ‘lighting’ guy to turn on the lights. After her response was ignored, she asked again and he bathed the stage with that […]

25 Feb 2010

H.I.M Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

It’s always a treat getting to shoot a band you absolutely adore! Having been a huge H.I.M fan for quite a few years now, I was greatly anticipating the opportunity to photograph these guys. Which is saying something. Earlier in the day I won a pass to go and see the incredible Faith No More but I surrendered that ticket to my cousin. Couple that with the fact that also, Meshuggah were doing a show elsewhere – I decided to […]

15 Feb 2009

Cult Of Luna Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve only ever had a passing interest in the music of Cult Of Luna. Never a fan and about the only time I ever really listened to them is when my colleague at work would play them on heavy rotation. I couldn’t get into their Prog Metal/Doom/Sludge histrionics but let me say this, coming home from the gig tonight – I’m converted… This was a truly magical performance of epic proportions. For a band to play such complex moody soundscapes […]