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01 Oct 2015

Makatron’s Karma-Sutra Burger Faces Censorship

Sex Burger By the time you’re reading this, chances are street artist Makatron’s ‘Karma-Sutra Burger’ will have already been covered up by the Moreland City council in Brunswick. Makatron completed the ‘controversial’ piece yesterday and within 24 hours, local residents have complained enough that the piece is now getting unwarranted attention. Typical outlets such as the Herald-Sun and 3AW were awash with complaints. Reason enough for me to go and grab some snaps of it before it all gets taken […]

12 Sep 2015

Everfresh Open Studio 2015

Last year’s Everfresh Open Studio was a success for both the Everfresh crew and yours truly. Many of last year’s photos were used throughout some of the studio’s mailing list collateral throughout the year and I was both honoured and chuffed that the lads enjoyed my work. Over 1,500 people visited the studio last year which was reason enough Everfresh decided to do the whole thing all over again. I was contacted by one of the promoters of the event […]