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25 May 2018

Pain Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Now didn’t this turn out to be an amazing night! Very rarely does one attend a gig where all acts, local and international totally and utterly deliver the goods! Tonight was one of those nights! Goth openers Death Of Art were a band I had never seen – or heard of for that matter, but I don’t frequent that many Goth inspired gigs. I had no idea what to expect. The band started off as a two piece – guitars […]

06 May 2018

Direct Underground Festival

I didn’t realise I was booked to shoot Ihsahn two nights in a row but even though I was feeling a little under the weather I was still looking forward to the next two nights. Night one went under the monicker of the Direct Underground Fest. This would be the second such festival in Australia? (Please correct me if I am wrong!) Still whether the first, second or third such festival, it was an amazing success all round tonight with […]

24 Apr 2018

Destruction Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

What an incredibly fun night this was! It’s always the case, the more extreme the music, the more fun in the crowd and photo-pit. Tonight was no exception but regrettably I didn’t get to the venue on time to properly photograph local lads In Malice’s Wake. Battling Anzac Day eve footy traffic, I only caught the tail end of the boy’s set. The crowd was already rowdy by this point so I knew then and there this was gonna be […]

01 Mar 2018

Venom Inc & Desecrator Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Ave Satanas! Venom are one of those bands one thought they would never see in their lifetime in Australia. And I guess we pretty much haven’t but we were privy to seeing the next best thing and that’s Venom Inc. Featuring two past original members of the classic era Venom (Abbadon and Mantas), Venom Inc. have pretty much picked things up where the Cronos led trio left things off. Now let by Demolition Man aka Tony Dolan, Venom Inc have […]

18 Jan 2018

Mayhem Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Personally, it is always a good omen when the year’s gig circuit begins with a Black Metal classic! And this one boys and girls, was as classic and BLACK as it can get. With a sold-out crowd at Melbourne’s Max Watts, you could tell the night was brewing something special from early on! In fact, most of these Black Metal flavoured gigs usually do! As tired as I was, it felt great being back in the pit again tonight. Said […]

12 Oct 2017

Napalm Death, Brujeria Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

I’m not a fan of Death/Extreme Metal and/or Grindcore or whatever it’s called. Can’t get into it. Once the riff is gone and unrecognisable in a sea of guttural vocals and speed, I lose interest. So when it came time to put my hand up for tonight’s gig, I had other reasons in mind. I first shot Napalm Death back in 2009 when I was just getting at the beginning of my music photography career. It is the one gig […]

07 Aug 2017

Ill Niño Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

I don’t think I have ever had this long a break between shooting gigs. The last time I was in a photo-pit I was shooting Killswitch Engage back in March. Throw a three month European vacation in the mix, and the time between gig drinks was now plentiful. No wonder I was beginning to miss it. Still, the break was good but the calendar for the rest of this year is already filling up nicely with some great shows to […]

14 Oct 2016

Lacuna Coil Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Heaven’s A Lie The gigs are certainly plentiful between now and the rest of the year. Tonight’s assignment was Italian Goth Metal legends Lacuna Coil. I’d consider myself a casual fan of the band and I have sporadically bought their albums over the years. My fave being 2002’s ‘Comalies’ opus. I am not 100% sure on the band’s touring history of Australia, but I do believe they have been here before a while ago. This current tour however, was their […]

29 Feb 2016

1349 Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

So it was back to Max Watts for the first time this year to shoot Norway’s Black Metal kings, 1349. This was the band’s first sojourn into the land of Oz so the tour was met with great anticipation for fans of Metal of the blackest kind! As per the norm, the lighting was not the best at Max Watts. It has improved, but compared to other states where 1349 played in, where they were lit beautifully, tonight was a […]

14 Dec 2015

Misfits Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Holywood Babylon I always check the band times a day or so before attending a gig. Especially one I am shooting. A quick peruse over the Max Watts website told me that the Misfits were to be on stage at 11.30pm. Hmm, little late I thought, but I’ll get there early so I can catch the support as well. And lucky I did because the Misfits were hitting the stage at 10.30pm sharp. A full one hour before their scheduled […]