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19 Oct 2015

Abbath Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

All Hail Satan! Rocked up to this one not really expecting much at all. I mean, standard-fare Black Metal I thought. You know the drill. Incoherent lyrics over a slew of blast beats praising Satan for an hour or so. Nothing wrong with that at all mind you, but what Abbath delivered, was anything but standard-fare. In fact, this was quite easily one of the best gigs of the year and easily one of the better Black Metal shows I […]

08 Nov 2014

Anvil Live @ The Hifi, Melbourne, Australia

My first foray into the Metal genre happened in the late 70’s. A cousin emigrated from the USA to Australia and along with him, brought a long a veritable slab of music such as Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Van Halen et al. I was already a die-hard KISS fan by then and whilst I do realise I am showing my age here – you get the picture. Move along a few years into the early 80’s, and one’s taste was […]