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Tag : Punk Rock

18 Jun 2018

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Live @ The Tote, Melbourne

Second time seeing Lydia Lunch Retrovirus at the Tote and again I was there as a punter accompanying my partner who is a big fan of Ms Lunch and co. I figured I may as well put the new camera through its paces and it looks like it broke its cherry with Lydia Lunch being the first gig shot on it. The show itself was absolutely fantastic. Lydia’s band is second to none and features a bunch of Punk Rock […]

15 Apr 2018

Amyl & The Sniffers Live @ The Curtin, Melbourne

I dunno how I ended up in the front row of this one but boy did it prove to be an absolute war zone once Amyl and her sniffers hit the stage! But I digress a little. My partner and I who are both fans of the band decided to go to tonight’s gig. Purely as punters and a rare night out together. We bought a pair of tickets yesterday and were very excited to go and see the band. […]

09 May 2017

Solitary Wanderlust – Ramones Museum

Hey Ho, Let’s Go! The Ramones Museum was one of the first destinations I wanted to check out whilst I was in Berlin. And sure enough, I got to visit it on my first day in the city. After doing the old Google Maps shuffle and plotting how to get there, I managed to find the place after a train ride and a short walk. With a very cheap 3 Euro entry fee, 5 if you wanted a beer too, […]