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21 Apr 2018

Record Store Day 2018

Well what a fantastic day this years Record Store Day turned out to be! From catching up with friends from school to wrapping it all up with a classic Amyl & The Sniffers performance at Greville Records. For someone who has a love affair with records since I was ten years old, and someone who frequents record stores 3-4 times per week… it’s kinda Record Store Day everyday! But I still get excited when this date appears on the calendar. […]

16 Apr 2016

Record Store Day 2016

Vinyl Love I grew up in Armadale during the seventies. It was an affluent suburb within inner Melbourne and a block away from the Glenferrie Road shopping precinct. The area featured some amazing record stores over the years which I grew to love and also taught me all about music and pretty much defined my life to this day. Pet Sounds was the first record store I had ever set foot in and the very first record I purchased was […]