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Tag : Thrash Metal

24 Apr 2018

Destruction Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

What an incredibly fun night this was! It’s always the case, the more extreme the music, the more fun in the crowd and photo-pit. Tonight was no exception but regrettably I didn’t get to the venue on time to properly photograph local lads In Malice’s Wake. Battling Anzac Day eve footy traffic, I only caught the tail end of the boy’s set. The crowd was already rowdy by this point so I knew then and there this was gonna be […]

03 Mar 2018

Overkill & Harlott Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Even if I had done some promo photography for the Harlott guys a couple of years ago, tonight was my first viewing of them in a live environment. There is a reason why these guys are signed to the prestigious Metal Blade label. (Hi Brian!) They know Thrash. Pure Thrash! They know it well and all its nuances. Which is not what you can say about a lot of their contemporaries. They were absolutely phenomenal tonight. Along with Desecrator last […]

01 Mar 2018

Venom Inc & Desecrator Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Ave Satanas! Venom are one of those bands one thought they would never see in their lifetime in Australia. And I guess we pretty much haven’t but we were privy to seeing the next best thing and that’s Venom Inc. Featuring two past original members of the classic era Venom (Abbadon and Mantas), Venom Inc. have pretty much picked things up where the Cronos led trio left things off. Now let by Demolition Man aka Tony Dolan, Venom Inc have […]

11 Sep 2017

Kreator Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Satan Is Real! This show was sold out long ago and you know that fully when you arrive just as the opener is beginning their set into what looked and felt like a full house already. Local lads Direblaze tore it up to tremendous reception not usually afforded to the local opener, but they held their own and did a tremendous job. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph their set as one of the bouncers refused me entry into the […]

25 Nov 2016

Mason Promo Shoot At Montsalvat

Tears Of Tragedy Melbourne Thrash Metal band Mason approached me again to help them with their new promo/portrait photos for their forthcoming 2016 release album. I last worked with the band last year with our photoshoot at the Old Geelong Gaol. That particular session can be seen here. I was absolutely delighted to be working with the boys again as they are very easy to deal with and photographically look great! The initial brief was to do the shoot in […]

09 Dec 2015

Mason Promo Shoot

Mason At The Old Geelong Gaol On a location scout to the Old Geelong Gaol a few months ago, my first impression was, “I can’t wait to get a band in here for a shoot!” I had the location shots on file but found that I was having trouble selling the idea to potential clients. I felt it was an amazing location, full of different textures and scenery and a couple of hours in the place, and we could get […]